Choosing the right floral arrangements is one of the most important decisions of the wedding selection process. Which flowers go well together? Should you go for a more simplistic mono-floral look? Do you want vibrant colors, muted tones, or all white? It can feel overwhelming, but the beauty of Cape Cod and the Islands is sure to spark floral inspiration, no matter the season. 

The local florists around Cape Cod offer a variety of arrangements that cater to the location of your wedding, your creative vision and the elements of your personality that you want to shine through. You can stick to the trends, or you can branch out – there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing the right floral arrangements for you. If you’re planning a wedding on the beach, choosing classic white and blue colors can be elegant and as calming as the beach itself. If you’re a more energetic, bubbly person, adding a splash of color to your beach wedding could be the perfect choice for you. Both blush tones and vibrant pinks are eye-catching, without feeling overwhelming.

If you forgo the beach wedding, but still want to enjoy the beauty of nature, there are various styles of floral arrangements to choose from. Both outdoor and indoor weddings come to life with the incorporation of floral elements that bring guests closer to nature. The deep green color of ferns or the natural aesthetic of wildflowers can transform your wedding into an enchanting woodland dream.

Some brides prefer the classic white wedding, but that doesn’t mean they’re limited in their floral selection. From the tabletop to the ceremony bouquet, there is such a range of white flowers to choose from that will keep your wedding classy and minimalistic, but will still leave a lasting impression on your guests. There is so much beauty found in the simplest things, and floral arrangements are not excluded from that list.

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding can feel like a lot of pressure at first, but sticking to what you love and expressing yourself through your floral selections can make your special day even more meaningful.

Cape Cod is a place of beauty, expression, and classic settings that are fit for every bride. It’s a place of inspiration and endless floral possibilities; whether you choose to keep it classic or create trends of your own, don’t be afraid to let your quirks and creative vision shine through.

#1 Stand Out in White

This bride makes her mark, even with a classic white wedding! The grey accents add a unique touch to a traditional style.

Flowers on Chestnut / Zofia & Co.

#2 A Pop of Color

A blend of vibrant, colorful flowers will have heads turning from the ocean view to look at your floral arrangements!

Flowers on Chestnut / Katie Kaizer Photography

#3 A Refined Touch

Flowers aren’t just for the bride! A small, elegant floral arrangement adds the perfect touch to this groom’s refined look.

Flowers on Chestnut / Zofia & Co.

#4 Epitome of Elegance

Beauty can be found in the simplest things… A minimalist white wedding is the epitome of elegance, especially with a beautiful bridal bouquet!

Flowers on Chestnut / Zofia & Co.

#5 Close to Nature

Green accents add the perfect touch to an outdoor wedding tablescape! The leaves on the plates and the hints of green in the floral centerpiece leave guests feeling the enchantment of nature.

Flowers on Chestnut / Zofia & Co.

#6 White Roses

Roses are a symbol of love, but red can be an overwhelming color. Add white roses to your bridal bouquet for a more muted tone without diminishing the essence of romance.

Flowers on Chestnut / Zofia & Co.

#7 Simplicity of the Sea

The light blue and white colors of the ocean create a serene surrounding. Stick to this color scheme at your beach wedding and let the beauty of nature act as the perfect complement to a simplistic reception.

Flowers on Chestnut / Zofia & Co.

#8 Full of Vibrance

Stand out with an eye-catching floral arrangement as your centerpiece! Let your bubbly, vibrant personality shine through in even the smallest details!

Flowers on Chestnut / Katie Kaizer Photography

#9 Just Beachy

White flowers and an ocean backdrop are all you need for the perfect wedding!

Flowers on Chestnut / Zofia & Co.

#10 An Enchanting Green

Guests will feel like they’re entering a fairytale with so much green surrounding them. The forest green colors of these florals add the perfect touch to this enchanting reception!

Patrice Milley / Katie Kaizer Photography

#11 Blue Hues

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – who says it can’t be flowers?

Flowers on Chestnut / Zofia & Co.

#12 Romeo & Juliet

This bride is carrying a dreamy mix of hydrangeas, ‘Juliet’ garden roses, ‘Vendela’ roses, astilbe, ‘Porcelena’ spray roses, ranunculus, Veronica, and lisianthus with eucalyptus and dusty miller.

Patrice Milley

#13 Pop of Pink

Breaking tradition can be scary, but you can still do it in a subtle way! A pop of pink or purple flowers adds the perfect splash of color to this ocean view “I do!”

Patrice Milley

#14 A Summer Dream

This bride captures the essence of summer with a mix of garden roses, ranunculus, astilbe, scabiosa pods, dendrobium orchids, tulips, hypericum berries, olive, and eucalyptus in her bouquet!

Patrice Milley