With the spring wedding season on hold due to COVID-19, Celebrated wants to shed some light during these unprecedented times. Although many shops on the Islands are closing their doors, people like Salissa King at Sea Spa Salon are keeping brides up-to-date with the latest spring trends – some salons are even creating at-home hair tutorials for brides to follow. We spoke to Salissa about seasonal hair trends, popular looks for spring and how the talented women at Sea Spa Salon are continuing to help brides with their hair during this bizarre spring season.

How often do you style brides’ hair for their weddings?

We work with brides year round, but the high season is our “shoulder” season, which is the months surrounding July and August, so that includes May, June, September and October. Our bridal parties that we work with vary from small elopements to parties that sometimes include up to 15 bridesmaids!

How do hair trends shift throughout the seasons?

We do have to keep weather in mind during our trials. Sometimes we will do a trial so far from the date that we have a weather contingency plan for the hair, being that we know the islands can be windy when weddings are on the beach.

What are some of your favorite and most popular looks for spring?

I love adding flowers to a hairstyle, orchids are my favorite because they hold up so well. The flowers add a beautiful embellishment to make the style special when the bride takes off the veil for the reception or decides not to wear one at all.

Are there any new trends that are on the rise this spring?

We have been working with our brides on their hair color placement and how it works with some styles better than others. With the popular balayage technique on trend, we have to keep the hair color in mind when working with the style. I like to do a few photos at the trial, then decide if their stylist may have to alter the color placement a bit in order to make the best photos happen with the updo/downdo the bride ends up deciding on for her wedding day. The bride can always just decide to change the color just for her wedding or add a few extensions to get the best look in photos.

Are you still finding ways to help brides with their hair during this bizarre spring season (in the midst of the virus)?

I am answering emails almost daily about the needs of our brides for this upcoming season. I love that we have the ability to search through all sorts of styles online with our brides. Our brides oftentimes have a Pinterest page saved for us to look at. This helps us communicate the exact feeling and style the bride is trying to portray. These Pinterest boards are not just hairstyles, they have photos from the table placement, to the shoes, for a style they are trying to give off. Having this type of consultation before even meeting them is very important, because we can start to get to know the bride and their style so that we can invoke that style they are wanting for their special day.

Click here for a beach wave tutorial from one of the girls at Sea Spa Salon!